Steve Wilson. On music.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

mystifies me

Indeed it mystifies me. Friends have suggested that I 'blog.' Now I am. And it all started because Diana Darby sent me a youtube video of one of her tunes. It was nice. I like her music. Then I visited her website, or was it a blogsite? Anyway, she was on some empowerment rant. A good one, mind. As I was reading her stuff I saw the invitation to blog away in the upper right hand corner of the page. And so I ventured down the garden path.

Life is rich. It's also full of minor annoyances and terrific impediments to grace and harmony. So it goes. Should I really decide to pursue this blog shit with any real ardor I will address life's richness. And it's annoyances and impediments. Of course I'll talk about music. Because I do. I run a record store. I write songs. And sing them. Play in a band. Write reviews for the Kansas City Star. Much of my adult life has been spent ruminating or raving about music. I'm not complaining; it works for me.

Of course I just noticed that someone else has an "Eye Teeth" blog (Eyeteeth - a journal of incisive ideas). Figures. While I will on occasion rant about things political I think myself and the other ET entity can probably coexist since our political leanings are similar, and because not all or even most of my posts will involve politricks. I decided upon the ET moniker simply because "Eye Teeth" is the name of a song myself and my band have written. It's both poetically vague and a surprisingly red blooded paternal testimony. Good song. Someday I'll post it here, I reckon.

See ya,