Steve Wilson. On music.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


 Golly ...

I quite appreciate that it has been too long between entries here at 'Reverberations.' I have been listening to music, of course. Frankly, I hear plenty that entertains me, but little that inspires sufficiently to devote critical time. 

While I don't say much about it here I am also a musician and songwriter my own self. And recently my own work has been preoccupying me. Not that I'm working so damned hard on it, more like I'm distracted by it, and trying to use work time and dream time effectively.

I have two or three review ideas germinating, however, so look for those in the next week to ten days. I am also considering 'Reverberations' version of the sort of approach typified by R. Christgau's "Consumer Guide" or Creem magazine's "Short Takes" -  mini-reviews intended to plug and dismiss, inspire and discourage. My general disposition, as those of you who read this blog know, has been to delve into records in some depth, usually in appreciation and support for the artist. My nasty digs are few and far between. The "short takes" approach would almost certainly invite more negative reviews. First, the wider the net is cast the more driftwood one catches. Second, it's more time efficient to dispatch crap in fifty words than seven-hundred. So, I would ask you gentle readers ... is the capsule review approach one I should on occasion pursue? After all, I do this all for you. Oh, and the free shit.