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Friday, December 23, 2011

The Countdown Staggers, but will continue.

Dear Friends: 

The best laid plans of mice and men oft go ... whatever. My goal of ticking off the "Twenty-Five Faves" for 2011 on a clockwork, daily basis has been compromised. And boy, it's going to get more compromised. So be it. Life intervenes. Business, Art (others and my own),travel, family, all good ... all distracting from the task at hand. Plus, damn it, I found myself selecting plenty of records that I'd not reviewed previously, and feeling motivated/obligated to discuss them I found myself with w-o-r-k to do. Not complaining, mind. I love this stuff, but sometimes it gets pretty consuming. As does the life going on outside (and inside) all around me (to paraphrase his Bobness).

Some of the upcoming selections will require more, new reviews. Mostly though, once we hit the home stretch the selections will be things I've already covered. Easy.

Lists like this are silly. And I know it. Trying to create hierarchies of pleasure is fun sometimes, but if you think it means much, think again. What I enjoy about this is that crafting a list forces me to think about music I love and respect, music I want to share with my friends. The real difference between No. 8, say, and No. 23 may be jack-shit. So, it's all in fun, all intended primarily, if not solely, to stimulate curiosity and passion about music that moves me. If  anything I write is provocative in that simple way I haven't  wasted my time.

No. 14 will be posted on December 25th, because by end of Christmas day I will need a distraction from the joys and absurdities of family life in Mahwah, New Jersey. 

Steve W.