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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Heidi Lynne Gluck - The Only Girl in the Room (Lotuspool), courtesy of Deli magazine (KC)


Despite a clamoring for my free/cheap labor among the rock writing fraternity, my work has been slow forthcoming of late. Oh well. Sometimes I get inspired, though. If you're me (not that I'd wish that on anyone), you hear a lot of music, some of it by local musicians. Ya wanna be all supportive of the scene and all that shit ... but ... sigh. Anyway, it's really swell when you hear music by a "neighbor" and it's really fucking good. Say hey to Heidi Lynne Gluck.

Gluck's The Only Girl in the Room is really fucking good. I wrote a review of it for the Deli magazine (KC). 

This is the review: 

This is the music:

Thanks, folks. 

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